Regardless of whatever force brings you this self-regarding hideaway, ..welcome. 

And since you are here, perhaps some brief ‘splaining would be the polite thing to offer: I present this site as an ongoing “evergreen” project to share selected studio works’ production processes ..and -hopefully- finished pieces worthy of collector interest. It presents more recent output of my creative practices.

Where  descriptions of the work and some of the thought processes driving them are given, every attempt at keeping (excessive) blathering to a minimum is made. However, if indeed something piques your personal curiosity beyond the available text and pix, please feel incentivized to reach out via the CONTACT form below or post a COMMENT in the box at the bottom of a project page.

Meanwhile, links listed in the top dropdown menu provide a partial glimpse into a collection of physically complex creative forms.  The documentation is intended to give viewers insight into my art’s conceptual development; results of ongoing research and problem solving expressed through analog and digital experimentations.

Please return soon.

…and maybe bring along a friend or an associate or a neighbor or a stranger-in-need.

Should be plenty of room for everybody.