aniScroller(s) are functional units built to accommodate lateral inspection of a digitally  duplicated tableaux produced from serial scans of an original large-format (8’0″L x 9″W) paper-cut collage of encyclopedic imagery (See: slideshow below). A hand-manipulated view window illuminates and magnifies User inspection of the highly detailed original artwork housed safely behind the length of the scrolling mechanism.

BG Info: It’s highly possible that the core  idea underlying the aniScroller series was initially sparked while researching scroll paintings; particularly Eastern block printing and those peculiar animation diagramming experiments of earlier artists like Hans Richter, Viking Eggeling and Duncan Grant. I became intrigued by the prospect that, when properly tracked by a viewer, a linear visual composition could potentially affect a conceptual coherency in temporal flows across the range of its serial imagery – timed only within the scalars of a viewer’s own physical interstitially-blended lateral transversals. [Duncan Grant’s 1914 Abstract Kinetic Collage Painting (with Sound) is noteworthy for its level of abstracted conceptual challenge and how it accords pleasurable cognitive oscillations and stimulations; rewards for one’s deeper inspections of the paintings’ intricacies. (Meanwhile, its proposed unification to things aural enters it into an entirely other range of cerebral considerations…)]

Materials: Wood, archival paper, UV-protected matte medium, canvas, grommets, various hardware and wiring.
Dimensions: (Approx.) 96.5”L x 4.25”W x 9.5”H

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