mappings: [Homo cum per orbem divisi]

(2017) Part of a collage series nourished by legacy Encyclopedia Britannica imagery, mappings: [Homo cum per orbem divisi] considers the historical contours of man’s geographical arbitrations. In deference to its politicized Latin subtitle [Man’s world divided as follows:], the work hopes to evoke a traditional men’s club aesthetic; commentary about Man-defined boundaries; boundaries of all varieties.

Am I fluent and/or a Latin scholar*? No, and/or not-a-snowball’s-chance. 

But as far as subtitles go, the central imagery is framed by other engraved Latin mottos, buttressing a core concept of the piece: the human need to specify boundaries; especially via socioeconomic and geopolitical antagonisms. After all, “Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur“,     ..non?!?

Materials: Archival honeycomb board, wood, paper, UV-protected matte medium, acrylic, various hardware and wiring. Dimensions: (Approx.) 55”L x 3.25”W x 51.5”H

*Thank you online translation engines**.

** Viz. Google Translate

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