“‘Piggy’s Predicament’: Story Machine” (Installation)

 Installation details: “‘Piggy’s Predicament’: Story Machine”  

These images document a 2007 re-installation of a subset from a larger scale contraption* originally produced site-specifically for New Technology in Fashion Design, an international exhibition in 2001 at Parson’s School of Design, NYC. The device served as contextual backdrop for video display of computer-generated animation loop.

This later presentation was installed as part of  digital: space: object, at the Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia, PA., Curator: AwareProjX; November 2 – January 12, 2007.

Within the mechanism, interchangeable story disc sequencing gets determined by a series of pseudo-random cog turnings formed within an ouroboros format of endless possibilities…

*A simple narrative ordering device fabricated to generate story lines for “Piggy’s Predicament”(1996-2001), a proposed suite of interrelated media objects: mixed animation/live-action shorts in support of a massively multiple-player online game world.

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