An iterative [A/D/A/D/A..] progressively complex collage series whose visuals are of an engineering design sensibility. The work cannibalizes Encyclopedia Brittanica charts as raw material. Each new panel reflects subtle compositional alterations and “noise” resultant of either/both analog or digital processes. Production focused on close-as-possible image coherency across the multiple manual/electronic processes and manipulations. The piece hopes to resonate with viewer thoughts about the textural aesthetics of exactitude; the vibrances of a viewer’s acceptability tolerance between close approximation and ultimate precision.

Ideally, a set  (2+) of schemaLinea panels are collected together and displayed in combination within their complementary art piece: the schemaLinea_analysisRack. This device affords the successful collector the ability to slide in selected panels, and arrange them for deliberate analytical comparisons of each work’s generative differences.

Delightfully absorbing for the anal-retentive in all of us…

Materials: Wood, MDF board, gesso, archival inkjet paper, UV-protected matte medium, archival glue.
Individual Panel Dimensions: ~30”L x 22”W x .5”H
Overall Rack Dimensions:  62″L x 32″H x 4.25″D

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