unlimitedInfinities [detachable diptych]

unlimitedInfinities [detachable diptych]

How many collaged layers does it take to visually convince an exact balance between the infinitely dense and the infinitely empty? I wanted to play around with perceptions of (pictorial) scale and depth; hence, I attempted this large-format collage as a way to experiment with a set of highly compressed chiaroscuro depth cues. Supra-magnification of the unimaginably infinitesimal.

Notions of nano “spaces” intrigue me. No matter* how reduced the  scale (sub-atomic String level), there is always the “space within”. Moebius models as stand-ins for infinite intra-quark components’ commingling seemed to me to be hadronically appropriate,  ..mesonically, speaking.

The creation of countless collage layers of the loop forms also generated a complementary heap of hand-cut remnants of archive grade inkjet paper. And as I am continually wracked with dread about waste of almost any sort- I then assembled the contradictory remains into the diptych’s alternate panel of negative infinities. (Hmm-mm, ..might there actually be** more than one single capital-I Infinity?  ..out there, somewhere? )

Or in there, somewhere??

Materials: Archival honeycomb board, inject printed paper, UV-protected matte medium, wood, acrylics.

Dimensions: 30.5”L x 5”W x 37”H

* Pun intended.
** “Be”, as in: Can we mentally manage the conception of infinite infinities?

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