Brief BG

Influenced by the rich traditions of agriculture and industry of his native Lancaster County, PA,  Theo. A. Artz is a toy collector, painter, and craftsman whose fine art production moves fluidly between analog and digital worlds. He has a deep understanding of digital tools and physical materials; manipulating and interweaving both to serve his conceptual practice.

Artz is an accomplished woodworker, and as an early adopter of computer graphics tools has been a creator of digital media content since 1982. He approaches every endeavor as a creative series of  problem-solving exercises, from his studio art-making to the building of the infrastructure for a hops propagation yard that exists as a site specific, ongoing experimental agri-art project.

His early professional productions focused on visual assets for commercial film and video, electronic games, interaction design, and museum exhibitions. He designed multiple user experience projects for emergent systems (i.e. Sony CD-I and Spitz Inc.’s ElectricSky). In more recent times, he is recognized internationally as a director/producer of immersive fulldome animations, virtual environments and experiences.

Artz’s award-winning works have been exhibited in galleries, festivals, and showcases around the world.