The above video traces a day-in-the-life of some laser-cut Latin phrase wooden slats being prepped for my mappings  collage back in October (’17). Staining and finishing required multiple stages in order to achieve an effective range of color variations.

Anyway, the sequence is a very simple and direct image compilation assembled by Apple just for me. And for free (ostensibly), at that!  -though I do feel the professional plight of many of my good ol’ human film/video editor friends.

Yes, yet another of my phone’s special features: the ability to sort from its photo collection by timestamp/date and then apply a series of pseudo-cam moves across an auto-edited montage. Some of the moves are downright Burnsian appropriate to adjoined imageries. Okay, certainly not Michael Bay-exciting, but suffices in a pinch (here).

Oh, and based on a selected (default settings, in this case) mood/theme framework, music is then laid overtop along with supered title graphics. All without me even asking for ’em. Not one single committee production or post-production meeting required. Merely the casual clicking of two interface options and then >yoinks!<  arrives a highly-time-compressed-yet-slightly-compelling moving pictures record of an artful process. What a world, eh?!?

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