In the run-up to an upcoming (May 1 – 30) exhibition  in Berlin, and I suppose with the need to remain in a manic disposition, I decide to make some small works to punctuate the subdued schematic tenor of (7) pieces from the someChromos” series. Currently, this new series is eleven (11) miniature-scale (5.5″ x 6″) panels; collages of a warmer representational  bent  that present imageries related to natural life’s evolution on Earth. Viewers are challenged to track similarities and differences across the separate panels’ pictorials; to discover the flows and fractures of biological life’s variations, advancements and/or failures.

Meanwhile, my hope is that the *ArtScience Exhibition arrangement of the works will alternate between both series to affect a sort of conceptual tempo between the stoic conceptual internalism (of the genomic schematics) with the warmer sensibilities  (of the naturalist compositions). These two different-but-related  serial expressions of evolutionary developments are meant to allure viewers’ deeper pictorial inspections; to elicit curious discourses about Human integrations within the Natural Order.

 *  For more info about ArtScience/Berlin Science Week.

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