One from the" diatomicDials" array.
[Left side] “Module_05e”
“diatomicDials[Diptyich]: module_05e + module28b” [Completed ~ 10.17.18  for Berlin Science Week and  “Eco-connectivity Series , Art/Science Exhibitions‘ invitational show.]

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The initial call for the “Eco-connectivity” show came in mid-June, from curator, mp Warming. As the visual arts portion of Berlin Science Week(BSW), held in early November, the exhibitions promote intersections between  media arts, science, and technology. Presentations of artists’ ecosystem-themed works are strategically mounted in key locations around Berlin; some exotic (Adlershof) and some more steeped in tradition ( Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Thaer Institut).

Traces of earlier tech research in Adlershof

Artist/researcher collaboration is one of the hallmarks of the Art/Science mission. I was initially to be connected to a Berlin-based post-doc investigating biological management of architectural-borne algae. Unfortunately, time-offsets and scheduling conflicts precluded that partnering and affected mp’s curatorial directive to find someone “more local” to me.

While reading some publications authored by the above Humboldt University post-doc, I became intrigued by references to other strange “relatives” of algae: diatoms; unique lifeforms that are neither plant or animal. That peculiarity alone  struck me as certainly worthy of further investigation. Then, frequently within my diatom literature review, I noted citations to research author: M. Potapova.

Only a few keystrokes in Google to reveal that Dr. Marina Potopova is indeed a renown diatomist who also qualifies as “more local”. [Cue serendipity mux:]  As it happens, she conducts her diatom research as head of the Diatom Herbarium in the Academy of Natural Science of Drexel University. Whaa-aaat!?!  ..a Drexel colleague? What are the odds?!? (Next stop: Drexel Mathematics Dept…)

Project W.I.P. + Processes Log:

Diatom Slide Frames Assembly Kit (Load_01)

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